Third International Conference on
Fetal Growth
1-3 October 2014
Keble College, Oxford, UK



MedaPhor is a global ultrasound training company, selling the award winning ScanTrainer ultrasound training simulator. The virtual reality simulator combines ‘real-feel’ haptic simulation with real patient scans and curriculum-based interactive learning, to provide fast and effective 24/7 ultrasound training in a non-clinical environment.


ScanTrainer’s unique ScanTutor learning software provides a personalized education environment that minimizes both the time required by an expert to teach and the need for a variety of patients to learn on. This makes the ScanTrainer system both resource efficient and highly cost effective.

ScanTrainer comes with integrated core skills training modules and a wide range of advanced skills pathology modules and diagnostic case studies for the more experienced practitioner.

Alere is the world’s leading provider of rapid diagnostic tests.

Our women’s health products include Triage© PLGF, approved to aid diagnosis of preterm preeclampsia and to risk stratify women for preterm or urgent delivery, Actim© PROM for the detection of premature rupture of membranes, and Actim© Partus for the assessment of the risk of preterm labour.

Please meet with representatives of Alere at the booth to learn more.

Patients Know Best is the world’s first patient-controlled medical records system. It is a fully secure online tool which enables patients to better organise, manage and control their own health care provision – it also saves the time of physicians through allowing secure, online consultations.

Founded by Dr. Mohammad Al-Ubaydli, a physician, programmer and expert in IT in healthcare, Patients Know Best has won social enterprise awards for its focus on patient care. Patients Know Best’s first customers include Great Ormond Street Hospital, St Marks Hospital and Luton and Dunstable Hospitals NHS Trust.

Patients Know Best integrates fully into the NHS secure network and is available for use by any patient with any clinician anywhere in the world. It is now used by over 40 hospitals in the UK, USA, Holland, Ireland, Kuwait, Australia and Hong Kong. Patients Know Best complies fully with UK NHS information governance requirements for dealing with medical data.

Onatal is the first full web-based software for midwives in the Netherlands, developed by Micro Natal.

Micro Natal serves over 65% of all midwifery practices and has always been a trendsetter in the development of software for midwives in the Netherlands.

MAMA Academy is a registered charity working alongside The Royal College of Midwives. All information on our mums side of the site has been written by our medical team of health professionals and the midwives side of our site has RCM accreditation.

The aim of MAMA Academy is to equip all expectant mums and healthcare professionals with vital knowledge and education to give every baby the best chance of arriving safely and healthily. We want to help mums have healthy pregnancies and support midwives to aid consistency of maternity care right across the UK.