Third International Conference on
Fetal Growth
1-3 October 2014
Keble College, Oxford, UK

Post meeting message from the organising committee

Thank you all for helping to make this meeting a highly enjoyable and informative event. In the end, we had around 200 attendees from 25 countries, and the level of engagement with discussions was high. We would like to thank our faculty for an excellent series of stimulating talks, as well as the presenters of many informative abstracts.
An electronic version of the abstract book is available here:

We would like to thank the poster chairs and judges for their hard work and congratulate the 3 winners, who have each received a Certificate and £100:

Short oral presentation (1)
Dr Terri Levine: - Abstract 1.2S
Early childhood neurodevelopment after intrauterine growth restriction: a systematic review

E-Poster presentations (2)
Dr Rebecca Spencer - Abstract 3.1 P
Developing a therapy for severe early onset fetal growth restriction: the challenges of designing a multinational phase I/IIA clinical trial protocol.
Dr Stefan Savchev - Abstract 3.2 P
An integrated model with classification criteria to differentiate late onset fetal growth restriction vs. small for gestational age

As in previous meetings, we have not asked presenters for permission to put their slides on-line, as many presentations contained unpublished material. However, if you would like to contact any of the presenters for specific information, we will be happy to relay your request to the respective author.

Date and Place of next meeting
Based on feedback, the overwhelming preference for FG15 was BARCELONA and the dates have just been confirmed as

For further details, please go to: