Sixth International Conference on

Fetal Growth 2017

Fota Island, Cork, Ireland

20 - 22 September 2017



Session 3 Poster-Oral 1
PO 3.1 H Baston (UK) Quilting to quit smoking in pregnancy: a feasibility study
PO 3.2 K Grantz (US) Can longitudinal fundal height predict small-for-gestational age with improved accuracy over cross-sectional measures?
PO 3.3 A Kajdy (PL) Does detection of sga change neonatal outcome – retrospective cohort study
PO 3.4 H Watson (UK) Establishing a midwife-led fetal growth assessment (MFGA) clinic for low risk women to detect fetal growth restriction
PO 3.5 P Wuppalapati (UK) Audit for missed small for gestational age babies
PO 3.6 B Dromey (UK) Customised growth charts – effects on outcomes in a large teaching hospital
PO 3.7 B Dromey (UK) Customised growth charts in clinical practice - intrapartum & postnatal outcomes for monitored and unmonitored groups
PO 3.8 A Hunter (UK) Improving birth outcomes: a prospective audit of the detection and management of small for gestational age (sga) fetuses
PO 3.9 B Arabin (DE) Maternal impact on fetal birthweight and length from 2000-2015 within a German federal province (Hessen, 6 million inhabitants)
PO 3.10 E Meler (ES) Customised birthweight standards for a Spanish population
PO 3.11 J Araújo Pereira (PT) Is there any relationship between non- O blood type and pregnancy with fetal growth restriction?
PO 3.12 M Gomes (PT) High blood viscosity: a risk factor for fetal growth restriction?
PO 3.13 M Gomes (PT) Predictors of vaginal delivery among growth-restricted fetuses
Session 9 Poster-Oral 2
PO 9.1 S C Lean (UK) A mouse model of advanced maternal age – understanding mothers’ vulnerability to fetal growth restriction and late stillbirth
PO 9.2 A Kajdy (PL) Fetal congenital heart disease and intrauterine growth restriction
PO 9.3 C Ní Laighin (IE) Fetal growth restriction – does asymmetry matter?
PO 9.4 M Muniesa (ES) Hypertensive disorders and fetal growth restriction in high risk of preterm birth pregnancies
PO 9.5 K A Eastwood (UK) The impact of small for gestational age birth for mothers and infants: analysis of outcomes from the predict study
PO 9.6 C Mulcahy (IE) The impact of aspirin on 3D placental volumes and vascular flow indices in the first and second trimesters of pregnancy and correlation with uterine artery doppler: results of the test multicentre RCT
PO 9.7 J Morales-Roselló (ES) Accuracy of the fetal cerebroplacental ratio for the detection of intrapartum compromise in non small fetuses
PO 9.8 E D Johnstone (UK) Serial ultrasound assessment from 28 weeks is unnecessary in babies at moderate risk of fetal growth restriction (FGR)
Session 10 Poster-Oral 3
PO 10.1 M Lubusky (CZ) Combined screening for small for gestational age at 11–13 weeks
PO 10.2 S Martinelli (BR) Evaluation of depression, stress, social support and self-esteem in pregnant woman with suspected fetal growth restriction
PO 10.3 A Dempsey (UK) Intra and inter-examiner variability in fractional thigh volumes (tvol) in pregnancies complicated by maternal pre-existing diabetes and obesity
PO 10.4 Z Thurlwell (UK) Single fractional thigh volume image acquisition and analysis has improved reproducibility compared to the average of multiple images.
PO 10.5 S Khatib (CA) The role of sonographers in supporting families pregnant after loss : a quality improvement project
PO 10.6 K Van de Kamp (NL) Validation of reference charts for mid-trimester fetal biometry
PO 10.7 M Cahuana (ES) Maternal residential proximity to major roads and placental function
PO 10.8 G Straface (IT) Aortic intima media thickness in fetuses of underweight and obese women
PO 10.9 K Weiner-Gorzel (IE) An audit of macrosomia and maternal care for excessive fetal growth in cork university maternity hospital
PO 10.10 L Bell (UK) Waist circumference, gestational diabetes and fetal birthweight in pregnant women with class iii and iv obesity
PO 10.11 K Kosinska-Kaczynska (PL) Neonatal outcome in twin gestations complicated with selective or non-selective intrauterine growth restriction
PO 10.12 T Marton (UK) The role of fetal growth restriction in term intrapartum, and neonatal death.