Sixth International Conference on

Fetal Growth 2017

Fota Island, Cork, Ireland

20 - 22 September 2017



Workshop 1 Growth Assessment Protocol (GAP)
Sally Buller, Mandy Williams, Jason Gardosi - Perinatal Institute
This multidisciplinary workshop for midwives, obstetricians and ultrasonographers has been instrumental in implementing
the GAP programme in 80% of Trusts and Health Boards across the UK
a.m. Evidence based algorithms for risk assessment;
standardised fundal height measurement; generation of customised charts;
plotting and referral pathways; protocols for ultrasound scans
p.m. Referral and detection rates; tools for reporting and benchmarking
missed case audit tool (GAP-SCORE); addressing local challenges
Workshop 2 Ultrasound and Doppler
Ahmet Baschat, John Hopkins, USA and Francesc Figueras, University of Barcelona, Spain
Opportunity for clinicians and ultrasonographers to participate in this workshop by two world renown experts in the field,
which was highly rated at previous conferences.
a.m. Ultrasound biometry, structural normality,
quality assurance; liquor, biophysical profile
p.m. Doppler parameters- uterine, umbilical, venous,
middle cerebral and cerebro-placental ratio
clinical integration and management
18:00      Historical Lecture
19:00      Welcome Reception & BBQ