Seventh International Conference on

Fetal Growth

Milan, Italy

1 - 3 October 2018


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     PO=Poster-Oral Presentation (3 min)
Session 3 Poster-Oral 1
PO 3.1 Fida Ali UK Are our SGA babies slipping through the net?
PO 3.2 JM Arraez ES Screening programme for fetal growth restriction in low risk population
PO 3.3 Sima Delavari UK To evaluate GROW customised charts in the classification of term birthweight infants <2.5kg and their predictive value for neonatal care unit admission
PO 3.4 Sabrina Demirdjian AR Perinatal outcome and morbidity in small for gestational age newborns with and without prenatal diagnosis
PO 3.5 Nandini Halder UK Retrospective analysis of small for gestational age (SGA) babies at our health board following implementation of the growth assessment protocol (GAP)
PO 3.6 Ditte Nymark Hansen DK Screening for small-for-gestational-age fetuses in Denmark
PO 3.7 Graham Tydeman UK The rising number of growth scans and an audit of screening for SGA in women with a low PAPP-A
PO 3.8 Andrea Dall'Asta IT Accuracy of the symphysis-fundal height as a screening test for small-for-gestational age fetuses at birth within a low risk population
PO 3.9 Andrea Dall'Asta IT Prediction of small for gestational age neonates and adverse outcomes in late onset fetal growth restriction: a comparison of standard and Intergrowth charts
PO 3.10 Anna Carli IT Identification of fetal growth restriction in a population of stillbirths: a comparison of three different growth curves
PO 3.11 Oliver Hugh UK Stillbirth risk and SGA rate in subgroups according to maternal size: comparison of GROW, WHO and IG21 fetal growth standards
PO 3.12 Lesley McCowan NZ The effect of maternal going-to-sleep position on birthweight: a secondary analysis of an individual participant data meta-analysis of going-to-sleep position and the risk of late stillbirth
Session 9 Poster-Oral 2
PO 9.1 Irene Beune NL Definitions of fetal growth restriction in existing literature over time: A systematic review
PO 9.2 Irene Beune NL Consensus based definitions of fetal growth restriction
PO 9.3 Sabrina Demirdjian AR Subtle cardiovascular changes in small for gestational age fetuses may be associated with neonatal morbidity
PO 9.4 V Priyadarshini IN Cardiac function and doppler indices before and after administration of steroid in fetuses with growth restriction
PO 9.5 Grazia Tiralongo IT A Pilot study of fetal growth, maternal hemodynamics and plasma and placental expression of epidermal growth factor
PO 9.6 Josephine Luppino IT Physiopathology of adrenal sparing: ultrasound and functional evaluation of foetal adrenal glands in relation to foetal growth restriction and pre-eclampsia
PO 9.7 Clara Bruin NL Inter- and Intra-observer variability in ductus venosus blood flow measurement
PO 9.8 Megan Sharps UK Elevated numbers of placental macrophages in pregnancies complicated with fetal growth restriction
PO 9.9 Tamara Stampalija IT Umbilical vein blood flow volume in fetuses with inappropriate growth for gestational age and normal doppler velocimetry
PO 9.10 Tamara Stampalija IT Uterine and umbilical vein blood flow volume in fetuses detected antenatally as inappropriate for gestational age but with normal birthweight
PO 9.11 Caterina Neri IT Fetal dopplers at term in pregnancies affected by gestational diabetes: role in prediction of perinatal outcomes
PO 9.12 Marta Rial-Crestelo ES Evaluation of the quality and reliability of middle cerebral artery (MCA) and umbilical artery (UA) doppler images in a randomized controlled trial
PO 9.13 Maddy Smies NL Birthweight/placenta weight ratio in clinically unexpected stillbirth
PO 9.15 Sanne Gordijn NL Free thiols in maternal serum and urine for the detection of fetal growth restriction