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Wednesday 12 September 2012
15:00   Registration
16:00  Session 1 Growth standards & international perspectives
* Jun Zhang (CHN) Application of the global reference for fetal-weight and birthweight percentiles in predicting infant mortality
  Cyril Ferdynus (FRA) Customised versus non-customised birthweight standards to predict stillbirth in Reunion Island
  Leona Poon (UK) Birthweight with gestation and maternal characteristics in live births and stillbirths
  Steven Doyle (UK) Customisation of antenatal growth charts does not improve detection of stillbirth in a Northwest England birth cohort
  Ngaire Anderson (NZ) The value of maternal physiological and pathological pregnancy characteristics in customised birthweight centiles and identification of SGA infants at-risk of perinatal death
  Mandy Williams (UK) Customised vs uncustomised centiles to assess BMI related perinatal mortality risk in SGA pregnancies
    Plenary / Open Forum
18:00   Welcome reception
18:30 - 19:00    Poster walk 1
Thursday 13 September 2012
08:00   Registration
09:00   Welcome
09:10 Session 2 Fetal growth, prematurity & childhood effects
* Eve Blair (AUS) Fetal growth and perinatal and paediatric outcomes
  Elisa Llurba (USA) Childhood cognitive development after late onset fetal growth restriction
  Ayesha Sania (USA) The contribution of prematurity and intrauterine growth restriction to childhood undernutrition in Tanzania
* Jennifer Zeitlin (FRA) Prematurity and fetal growth restriction
    Plenary / Open Forum
10:45   Coffee/Tea
11:15 Session 3 Risk factors for SGA and IUGR
  Jacoba van der Kooy (NL) Improvement of the current detection of SGA by using the R4U (Rotterdam Reproductive Risk Reduction) as an adjuvant triage tool
  Ali Khashan (IRL) The impact of maternal psychosocial stress and anxiety on fetal size in mid pregnancy and small for gestational age
  Ngaire Anderson (NZ) Independent risk factors for infants who are small for gestational age by customised birthweight centiles in a general obstetric population
  Michelle Southam (UK) Risk factors for IUGR in a multi-ethnic population
* Lesley McCowan (NZ) Clinical risk prediction - findings from the SCOPE study
  Plenary / Open Forum
13:00   Lunch
13:30   Poster walk 2
14:00 Session 4 Prediction of SGA and IUGR
* Kypros Nicolaides (UK) Combined screening for pre-eclampsia and small for gestational age at 11-13 weeks
  Leona Poon  (UK) Second-trimester uterine artery Doppler in the prediction of stillbirths
  Elisa Llurba  (USA) Emergence of late-onset placental dysfunction: relationship to change in uterine artery blood flow resistance between 1st & 3rd trimesters
  Samantha Benton (CAN) Can angiogenic factors in maternal circulation discriminate placental intrauterine growth restriction and constitutionally small fetuses?
* Andrew Shennan (UK) Plasma placental growth factor in the diagnosis of women with placental dysfunction requiring delivery within 14 days
  Plenary / Open Forum
15:45   Coffee/Tea
16:00 Session 5 Detection of SGA and IUGR
  Karin Kallen (SWE) Detection of small for gestational age fetuses - a comparison between routine third trimester ultrasound examinations, and risk-based detection methods
  Isabelle Monier (FRA) Determinants and obstetrical consequences of antenatal detection of SGA infants in France
  Alphonse Roex (AUS) The introduction of serial fundal height plotting on customised charts in nulliparous women results in doubling of the antenatal detection of SGA fetuses
  Tomasina Stacey (NZ) Identification of suboptimal fetal growth and risk of late stillbirth
* Jason Gardosi  (UK) Reducing stillbirths through improved antenatal detection of IUGR
    Plenary / Open Forum 
18:00   Close
20:00   Gala Dinner and Dance
Friday 14 September 2012
08:30   Registration
09:00 Session 6 The Placenta
  William Clow (NZ) The smoking placenta
  Alexander Heazell (UK) Quantitative assessment of placental morphology identifies specific causes of stillbirths and reduces "unknown cause" stillbirths
  Maryna Famina (BLR) Assessment of placental vascularisation using 3D power Doppler ultrasound in determining the cause of intrauterine growth restriction
  Ahmet Baschat (USA) Haematologic consequences of placental dysfunction contribute to the rate and degree of fetal deterioration
* Jan Jaap Erwich (NL) Patterns of placental disease in early and late IUGR
  Plenary / Open Forum 
10:45    Coffee/Tea
11:15 Session 7 Clinical features of IUGR
* Ahmet Baschat (USA) IUGR - early onset
* Francesc Figueras (ESP) IUGR - late onset
* Aris Papageorghiou (UK) Implications for further research
    Plenary / Open Forum 
13:00   Lunch
13:30   Poster walk 3
14:00  Session 8 Clinical management of IUGR
  Julia Unterscheider  (IRL) Fetal growth restriction - definition, assessment and management: a continuing clinical dilemma
* Christoph Lees (UK) The TRUFFLE Trial
* Sicco Scherjon (NL) The DIGITAT Trial
* Bill Martin (UK) Implications for guidelines
    Plenary / Open Forum 
15:45   Poster Prize presentations
16:00     Coffee/Tea
16:15  Session 9 Macrosomia
* Dharmintra Pasupathy (UK) Macrosomia and adverse outcome
  Shareen Forbes (UK) Clinical and metabolic profiles of very severely obese pregnant women and their associations with birthweight
  Mahjabeen Khan (PAK) Macrosomic infants of non-diabetic and diabetic mothers: the challenges for obstetric practice in a low resource community
  Mahlatse Makgoba (UK) Effect of gestational diabetes on the risk of macrosomia in women with normal body mass index
  Esther Reid  (UK) Macrosomia in uncomplicated pregnancies: the impact of physical activity and maternal nutrition
    Plenary / Open Forum 
18:00   Close
20:00   An evening in the Balti Triangle