Festival of Lights - Brandenburg Gate:
Celebrating Fall of Berlin Wall

Fetal Growth 2019

Berlin, Germany

9 - 11 October 2019

Post-meeting note from the organisers

We would like to thank all participants for making this year’s conference a successful, informative and enjoyable event. A special thank you to our faculty and all speakers for the many excellent presentations.

An electronic version of the abstract book is now available here:

The judges reviewed the abstracts and their presentations and easily reached consensus on the following as particularly outstanding:

Best oral presentation: Abstract 2.4
Jezid Miranda, Colombia: Human fetal growth restriction is influenced mainly by maternal socioeconomic status: an ecological study within a city from a developing country
Best poster-oral presentation:  Abstract PO 23
Tania Meneses, Portugal: sFlt‐1/PlGF ratio in early vs late onset FGR

Slides: As in previous years, we do not put slides online, as many presentations contained unpublished material. However, you are welcome to contact presenters for specific information – if you write to admin@fetalgrowth.org, we will relay your request to the respective authors.

Next meeting: place and date TBC, after assessment of feedback forms.

Welcome Reception - Alexander Veselak
presenting a short histoy of Berlin

 Prof Figueras giving pre-conference workshop

Conference session with Prof Greg DeVore

....and last but not least: a big thank you to the tireless support team,   multitasking on the registration desk, audience microphones, speakers’ slides and e-posters, presenting own work and pre-conference workshops.

Prof Suresh & Dr Nuzhat's case studies

Mandy Williams, Emma Hassan, Oliver Hugh